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Water and Wasterwater Treatment

Duke Benjamin Consulting delivers comprehensive consulting services in compliance with international best practices for ground, surface, domestic and industrial water projects worldwide, thus covering the complete water cycle. We provide water and wastewater treatment consulting services from the strategic planning and designing to plant construction management, operation and maintenance.

A well-thought water and waste water treatment infrastructure is non-negotiable for any district, community or urban area. The increasing population demands an affordable water quality, wastewater treatment facilities and natural water enhancement across the globe. Our engineering and environmental professionals partner with clients to tackle community interests, environmental protection and conservation regulations to meet with economic demands and schedule requirements.

The procedure for water or wastewater treatment is dependent on the expected pollutants in the water.  Duke Benjamin Consulting analyses the water to be treated in order to design the customised turn-key plant for the required result expected from the regulatory bodies. Our team consists of experienced and skilled professionals in engineering and environment who deliver a comprehensive contract documentation for operation and maintenance purposes.

Our experience goes beyond a decade of successful planning, designing and supervision of water and wastewater treatment plants for various industries and districts.

With focus on integrated solutions which comply economic and environmental targets, we include planning and commissioning of remote monitoring systems for our clients by demand, based on our broad experience with computerised online systems for control and monitoring of treatment processes and water pumping stations in Germany.

For urban development and planning, we conceptionalise permanent flood protection measure for safety reasons.

Contact us today for due diligence on comprehensive water and wastewater treatment projects, including:

●  Portable drinking water projects

●  Planning and legislation

●  Preliminary and detailed design

●  Preparation of tender documents and tender procedures

●  Construction management and supervision

●  Operation and maintenance

●  Flood protection

●  Urban development and drainage systems

●  Water treatment

●  Water supply management

●  Management consulting

Water and Wastewater Treatment