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Waste and Resources Management

Waste and Resources Management

Waste and resources management Managing has become an important global issue. Duke Benjamin Consulting focuses on minimizing waste to save our resources, delivering services to our clients on waste management in accordance with environmental planning and waste-to-energy- facilities. Together with our clients, we work on delivering advice on all waste types, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, electronic and mining waste.

We are a leading global environmental consulting service provider to the waste and recycling sector with profound experience for clients such as capital investors, waste producers and regulatory organs of governments. Our waste treatment and management solutions are based on the European hierarchy of waste prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal.

With an integrated view of utilities, energy and environment – we create a masterplan for urban development including an effective management of waste and recourses. We bring our global experience into a local solution basing on well-thought and innovative ideas for the collection, treatment, energy yield and finally landfilling of solid and liquid waste.

Our multi-disciplinary solutions are made to fit the local infrastructural capacity. Our goal here is to choose the best realisation, using the minimum input to yield maximum output for a particular environment and thereby keeping an eye on the most important needs of that environment –  affordable growth and development.

The global experience and network gathered since over a decade of consulting on waste management and waste-to-energy worldwide for the public and private sectors enables us to deliver the best solutions to clients. We advise on waste management policies that bring our clients together with their potential waste providers. Our additional experience with healthcare, industrial, construction, municipal, hazardous and chemical waste is of added value to our clients.

We help our clients to prevent, reuse, recycle and yield energy from waste in a cost-effective manner, planning or business case modelling all sizes of waste-to-energy plants and localising and designing cost-effective landfills for them.

Waste and Resources Management

Our Waste and Resources Management consulting includes:

●  Organisation strategies

●  Waste collection infrastructure

●  Waste management planning

●  Waste-to-energy plants

●  Landfill site assessment

●  Hazardous and medical waste management

●  Recycling and life cycle assessment