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Utility Transmission and Distribution

Utility Transmission and Distribution

Electric, gas and water networks are the most important asset for utilities. The secured transmission and distribution together with demand response, accounting and billing management remain the key duties for a successful business. Our utility transmission and distribution services deliver the keys to success for our clients.

Utility Transmission and Distribution

The market and products of the power and utilities sector are undergoing rapid changes in the last decade.

While facing the greatest challenges coming up with disruptive developments such as blockchain, smart grids and digital transformation, power and utility companies have to improve their environmental and distributing performance, maintain system reliability and ensure affordable energy prices. Especially the challenge of successive renewal of infrastructure – working with old and new infrastructure – requires innovative ideas combined with a well-thought investment strategy.

This is where Duke Benjamin Consulting comes in with our experience in utility markets across the world and Germany to help utility companies develop their networks and grids to meet the needs of a fast-developing energy sector.

With our expertise in smart metering, smart grid and renewable energy supply, we help our clients create a reliable grid to enhance their distribution business by implementing the appropriate technologies while managing cost and improving reliability. We offer a deep knowledge earned from our experiences with German power sector companies and regulators on policy and grid systems, transmission studies and demand management, including renewable energy integration.

Our utility transmission and distribution services include:

●  Transmission and distribution planning

●  Industrial Electrification and protection

●  Asset investment planning

●  Micro grid Solutions

●  Global Grid Planning

●  Smart Grids (including software solutions consulting)

●  Renewable Integration studies

●  Demand response

●  Efficiency and commercial optimisation

●  Smart metering and network operation

●  Smart meter data management