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Urban Development

Urban Development

Duke Benjamin Consulting is experienced in regional, district and urban development planning. Designing places with a focus on sustainability and the needs and aspirations of the society. In accordance with our client’s needs, we deliver a masterplan with added value targeting social development, poverty reduction and urban regeneration.


We understand the interdependency of urban systems and the need to make our habitations resilient to global challenges such as climate change risks. We put topics such as rising sea level into consideration while planning the best places to live, work, play and socialise.


Duke Benjamin Consulting works closely with its clients such as local governments, real estate developers, multinational corporations and local communities to dialog about their needs, to set up development goals and strategies resulting into a masterplan for the community, region or company premises. Together we approve the design based on the analysis of agreed development potentials as well as environmental management and maintenance.


Our plans are based on deep insight on the environmental impact on health and mind to ensure a healthy work and lifestyle balance. The technical understanding of utilities such as transport, energy, water, waste and communications have been our majors over many years of experience. Health and education infrastructure as well as environmental impact assessment (landscape) complete the masterplan that provides a healthy political and socio-economic environment for residents.

Duke Benjamin Consulting covers all important aspects of urban development ranging from project evaluation, detailed designs, construction supervision and procurement support, capacity building, risk assessment, project management and energy saving services.

Our panel continuously guides and reviews the sustainability of the masterplan with our clients, especially when the project is built to ensure that we deliver what we promise.


The challenge of climate risk, lack of energy and resources and the risk of wrong investment is our motivation. Our vision, aim or objective is to ensure a fair development across the globe. Many investors make wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge in future building and infrastructural development.


High technology sometimes might not be the best solution for an economy with a poor infrastructure. Our goal here is to choose the best realisation, using the minimum input to yield maximum output for a particular environment and thereby keeping an eye on the most important needs of that environment – growth and development.


Contact us for you complex urban development projects. Our strategic and financial experts together with our engineering experts will develop your site and guide all approval applications till the realization of the project.

Our urban development services include:

●  National planning

●  Regional development planning

 Urban development planning (urban design)

●  Urban regeneration scheme

●  District planning

●  Industrial area planning

●  Eco-city planning