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Strategy and Sustainability

Strategy and Sustainability

Strategy and sustainability consulting equips organisations with sustainable principles for their business culture, operations and strategy with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle their environmental and social impacts. Duke Benjamin Consulting works with private and public sector organisations to implement sustainable solutions, enabling the organisations to identify opportunities to make sustainability a source of continuous increasing value, thereby developing robust business enterprises.

We are committed to social and environmental issues, making strategy and sustainability development one of our priorities in consulting. Helping organisations produce substantial economic, environmental and social benefits in order to build longstanding business success is one of our core values.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility is increasingly gaining attention with communities, consumers and business executives. We are your partner for critical decisions in accordance to sustainability and strategy, social and environmental impact of business operations, as well as a healthy business growth development.

We help our clients with a social and environmental impact analysis to analyse and deliver a sustainability strategy which can be embedded in sustainable operations to optimise the use of natural resources and enhance supply chain efficiency. For start-up business enterprises, we help to position the business based on the applicable social and environmental criteria.

Our expertise in utilities, economics and engineering enable us to execute a wide range of sustainability solutions to help our clients earn social acceptance and accomplish legislative compliance.

We bring our sustainability experience and expertise in analysis along with proven methods of change management to enable our clients to:  

●  Assess and identify their core environmental and social impacts

●  Execute a sustainability plan

●  Evaluate their carbon footprint

●  Optimise their supply chain to suit their sustainability plan

●  Establish an annual sustainability report framework