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Renewable Energies

As specialists for renewable energies, new technologies and power transmission, Duke Benjamin Consulting is the right partner for clients who wish to develop their energy production by utilising natural resources such as solar power, wind power, hydro (and tidal) power, biomass and biofuels.

Duke Benjamin Consulting with a deep knowledge in renewable and alternative energies offers consulting services to entrepreneurs from the idea to the market. We assist our clients to source for financing, loan guarantees and market niches for their products. Our expertise in innovation and product development in the energy industry in particular is a fortune for our valued clients. This services range from market opportunity assessment to business model validation, including the pricing strategy in order to realise a business plan for the local markets. In already existing renewable business ventures, we assist in performance measurement and to assist our clients to validate their business development.

Duke Benjamin Consulting has a long-standing relationship to German tertiary institutions and working groups. This makes us and experienced partner for renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro. We have provided comprehensive consulting services for engineering, design, construction and energy management for renewable power generation facilities.

Our team of professional engineers, designers, and environmental scientists dialog with our clients to identify the needs and concerns in order to offer maximum three alternatives considering the economic viabilities. A tailored solution out of these is now recommended to our customer.

We help national governments to strategise their renewable output to match their conventional energy mix with an outline on gradual increment over time, according to the market demand, purchasing power and amortisation.

Renewable Energies
Renewable Energies

We can assist private sectors in the development of renewable energy production projects worldwide.  We provide advice on the operation and maintenance of renewable energy power plants.

Our renewable energy services include:

●  Feasibility studies

●  Site selection, assessment and permitting

●  Renewable energy plant engineering and design

●  Environmental compliance services

●  Construction management services

We offer the above services on following technologies and are always open to new challenges and technologies:

●  Geothermal power generation

●  Dams and hydro power generation

●  Wave, current and tidal

●  Wind power generation

●  Bioenergy (including energy from waste and biomass)

●  Solar power

●  Energy from waste and biomass

●  Energy storage