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With environmental issues such as climate change making headlines on a daily base and spaces for landfill no longer available, managing waste and natural recourses has become an important global issue. Recycling plays an important role in waste prevention and the reuse of natural resources in products, thus making recycling a part of life and business.

Duke Benjamin Consulting is a leading Consulting firm in waste and resources management, supporting the growth of the waste solid and liquid waste management and recycling industry. With our experiences over a decade from our company base in Germany and numerous projects across the globe, we deliver affordable local solutions for waste management systems worldwide. Our specialisation lies in local infrastructural assessment, business case development, permitting and delivery of commercial waste and waste management infrastructure.

We help clients to plan their company waste, turning it into a source of revenue. We help identify, minimize and reuse waste materials, divert waste meant for landfills, provided a profitable waste management method is achievable.

In the case of an implemented waste management programme, we help our clients with on-site consulting to ensure the goals (return on investment) at initial stage are met.

Contact Duke Benjamin Consulting today for an appointment with our expert waste management consultants that will assist you in implementing and tracking a cost-effective waste management programme.

Our recycling services include:

●  Waste management and recycling audits on site

●  Feasibility studies on cost effectiveness

●  Contract procurement for waste collection

●  Waste minimisation recommendations

●  Continuous technical assistance