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Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Duke Benjamin Consulting has successfully delivered project management services in various stages of plant construction, including engineering, construction and commissioning. Our experienced engineering and business specialists support in the development and realisation of industrial projects. We represent interdisciplinary engineering know-how of current state-of-the-art technology, providing services from the technology selection phase to the delivery of world-scale, lump-sum turnkey projects.

Motivated by cost effectiveness concerns of our clients, we offer a variety of programme management and technical support services, to reduce corporate staff functions. Our competences include concept design, development of strategies to optimize costs, quality, and construction time. We have extensive experience of providing total project management services for all types of buildings, education, healthcare, transportation, power, oil and gas and water projects.

Our outstanding team of experts manage projects of all sizes and complexities to deliver project results with adequate environmental and safety performances according to world standards to meet the quality, cost and schedule targets.

We have an excellent reputation for company-wide standardization and optimization in project management and deliver our services to both medium-sized companies as well as multinational consortia. Our services include:

●  Project management deployment

●  Multi-project management

●  Project portfolio management

●  Program management

●  Operational project management

●  Implementation of Project Offices

●  Project management methodology implementation

●  Project Recovery and Review

●  Program charters with scope and goals

●  Detailed network-based schedules

●  Activity, responsibility and resources identifications

●  The time-cost tradeoff process and validation of schedules

●  Staffing and time-cost analysis

●  Establishment of standard reports and templates

●  Generation of status memos

●  Provision and instruction into project management tools