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Power and Utilities

The market and products of the power and utilities sector are undergoing rapid changes in the last decade. While facing the greatest challenges coming up with disruptive developments such as blockchain, smart grids and digital transformation, power and utility companies have to improve their environmental and distributing performance, maintain system reliability and ensure affordable energy prices.


Our global experience and deep knowledge in different industries and communities will meet your needs for strategic positioning of your capital investment of any kind. We are able to deploy high-performance experts for the various markets to give you on site solutions based on the local requirements and expected local development of products and prices in the sector.


Our services for government institutions

We help public and administrative authorities in conducting technical due diligences on existing infrastructure. In the case of non-existent infrastructure, an appropriate requirement analysis is conducted to design the required power plant or utility service. We assist to identify the right strategy and target for a long-lasting solution. We work with our customers to discover the right level of value and most advantageous structure.


We support to secure a financing strategy, including modelling economics and tax. With our experience across the globe, we find the right financing solution for medium-sized and large projects.


We can take over the responsibility of creating a good governance and support framework that would comply with the regulatory needs to achieve the desired financial goals.


With the right financing strategy and implementation, we assist with a tender design as well as the procurement and contracting strategy. We take over the negotiation of terms and conditions with the contractors to ensure excellence is delivered.


Your existing projects are not running the way they are supposed to? Contact us today to get your projects back on track.


Our power and utility services for administrative and government institutions include:

  Technical due diligence on existing infrastructure

●  In-depth potential analysis Financing strategy development

●  Framework for good governance and regulatory needs

●  Tender, procurement and contracting strategy as well as management

●  Plant construction

●  Project recovery Operational, maintenance and safety management

●  Business case planning and feasibility studies

Power & Utilities

Our services for industries and private businesses

Power and utilities are very important infrastructural investments for various industries, especially for the energy intensive production companies. We help conduct effective project appraisals for the desired plant or utility to ensure a well-planned and strategic investment. This will avoid costs for correction as well as ensure a good project overview.


We deliver turn-key projects for our customers and ensure that other contractors perform according to the stipulated contracts.


Our services for industries include:

●  Technical due diligence on existing infrastructure

●  In-depth potential analysis including future market designs

●  Financing strategy development

●  Modelling project economics, regulatory, tax and accounting issues

●  Development of right customer strategy and maximizing interactive customer relationship through a sound IT solution

●  Tender, procurement and contracting strategy as well as management

●  Plant construction

●  Project recovery

●  Operational, maintenance and safety management

●  Benchmark performance check

●  Business case planning and feasibility studies

●  Energy audit

●  Energy controlling and management