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Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning

Mankind doesn’t only need to protect natural processes and resources, we need to strategically develop local, regional and national landscape or environment to suit our lifestyle and well-being. This is where Duke Benjamin Consulting delivers its best – our experienced and creative approach to landscape planning delivers strategic upfront advice on planed habitations, enabling the site assessment and the designing of how a habitation should develop over time.


Our multi-disciplinary team aims at collaboration with government organisations, local authorities, real estate developers to protect and improve the landscape to plan and design the best places to live, work, play and regenerate.

We provide quality, sustainable and cost-effective landscape solutions with our experts such as architects, planners, ecologists, environmental-, transport- and utility engineers. Duke Benjamin Consulting delivers expert advice from the idea to the realisation of landscape projects. Our environmental coordination and management experiences round up our great expertise in the field, thus brining in maintenance ideas already into the planning phase.

Our landscape planning services include:

●  Environmental and landscape impact assessment

●  Feasibility analysis

●  Health check analysis

●  Landscape and townscape survey

●  Landscape capacity & feasibility studies

●  Green infrastructure development (Arboriculture)

●  Visual impact assessment

●  Strategic design and planning

●  Landscape mitigation and restoration

●  Landscape implementation

●  Maintenance and management plans

●  Detail design of landscape schemes

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