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International Markets

International Markets

Duke Benjamin Consulting is one of the leading international business development consulting firms with a focus on the African market for small, medium-sized and large corporations to attain growth through sustainable and successful expansion into international markets.

Globalisation offers unique business opportunities, but bears many threats as well. Today’s global fastest growing businesses and business opportunities are in developing worlds or emerging markets. But the volatility and the challenges in such markets bear risks which most investors are afraid to venture into.

This is where Duke Benjamin Consulting comes in. We help our clients to build respectable international footprints, maximizing their potential against rapid changing markets and local competitors. International expansion is an undertaking that demands and appropriate due diligence in order to mitigate risks and maximize the chances of success.

We help our clients analyse their potentials, crosschecking their viability for the international growth. After which the suitable markets are identified together with the client. Finally, a strategy is developed to fit the strengths of our clients, while guiding them through their expansion into the selected market.

We are specialists for business expansion into the African market and our services include:

●  Identification and selection of potential geographic markets

●  Market opportunity assessment

●  Formulation of market entry strategy

●  Support in implementing recommended market entry strategy

●  Representation (in Africa) and business partnering

●  Intercultural support (in Africa) – translation, cultural orientation