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Innovation and Product Development

Innovation and Product Development

Duke Benjamin Consulting has experienced that there is no substantial interrelation between the size of an enterprise and its innovative ability.  Innovation and product development capability depends on the management of small, medium-sized and large corporations to institutionalise innovation management in their respective firms.

We help leaders to implement a continuous and systematic innovation management to meet the demands of the increasing dynamics and complexity of the business in a local or global concept. Innovation starts with a mentality and understanding for the required task.

Duke Benjamin Consulting helps its clients with tailored innovation process solutions to enable the quick transformation from an idea to a product lunch, thus ensuring that new products are brought to market much faster. Our experienced innovation and intellectual property team helps leaders to discover and develop their innovative competence and furthermore ensures the successful implementation of a productive innovation strategy.

We deliver an effective, efficient and methodical innovation process to match the structure and number of employees of your corporation.

Our team of experts, capable of capturing, analysing, sharing and applying knowledge effectively, bring the desired operational excellence in organisational, process and product innovation. We go ahead to ensure our services create a solid basis for continuous improvement, which leads to a radical reduction of product costs and increases the generation of revenue.

Our services of innovation and product development are:

●  The creation of a new corporation

●  Increasing the production capacity of a corporation

●  The diversification of the output of a corporation

●  A change in production of an existing corporation