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Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services

Right from the start, Duke Benjamin Consulting assists with an integrated facility management services, creating the opportunity for a long lasting easy to manage facility. If the building in question is already standing, we support with acceptances, commissioning and recording of technical building systems.

Our success in facility management consulting is based on great communication with our customers. Our services provide the basics for the required output of your workers in the office building or industrial production.

As a technical service provider, we bring in our expertise in real estate efficiency and sustainability to meet our customers’ requirements. We take up cost efficiency for services such as lighting, air conditioning and other utilities such as electricity, gas, water, process heat and compressed air.

Our major services in this area include:

●  Technical due diligence

●  Economic efficiency of building installations

●  Operations and object management

●  Utilities (electricity, gas, water, process heat and compressed air)

●  Maintenance (inspection, maintenance, repairs)

●  Energy controlling and management

●  Energy Audit

●  Facility management during construction

●  Project design and control

●  Safety management (fire, emergency exits, occupational safety)