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Energy Management

Energy Management

Duke Benjamin Consulting introduces its clients to an ISO 50001-compliant energy management system. With the ISO standard, our clients can get a worldwide energy Certification or Audit of the highest known standard. The ISO 50001 standard outlines the obligations, internal workflows and responsibilities to be met in order to reach the certification.

In some countries like Germany, energy intensive companies are obliged to implement an energy management system in order to receive any form of energy subsidy or tax reduction from the government. Most production companies implement energy efficiency measures due to the rapidly increasing energy costs or the growing public pressure to reduce environmental footprint.

But, what is energy management?

Energy management is the strategy of optimising energy consumption, using systems and procedures to reduce energy requirements, while production units and comfort levels are maintained.

Duke Benjamin Consulting helps with analysis and assessment of the energy structures and consumption (Energy Audit) with recommendations for your energy policy, planning and implementation strategy for the recommended goals. We present this analysis to the management board for approval call into action.

With the result of the analysis, we help our customers the development of a metering concept and assist in realising the concept by finding the right partners for the hardware and software, matching the needs and concern of our customers.

When the intelligent metering is set up, we assist with the permanent alliance of the hardware (metering data) and the software to ensure a permanent recording and visualisation of the energy consumption. We permanently assist the management with monitoring, identifying con-conformities, management review and continual improvement of the energy management.

Energy cost reduction can only be achieved through better energy purchasing agreements or through energy consumption reduction. Duke Benjamin Consulting is an expert for both. Contact us today for energy management needs.

Our services include:

●  Energy risk management

●  Energy procurement

●  Data operations

●  Energy audit

●  Energy controlling

●  Budget development

●  Sustainability services

●  Energy efficiency projects

●  Demand response