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Energy Efficiency

Strategic energy management to reduce energy consumption pays – energy efficiency reduces costs and saves resources. Many business leaders are coming to this conclusion in the last few years, equally driven by public pressure to reduce environmental footprint.

Energy Efficiency

Rising energy costs are no longer a concern for energy intensive industries, the rapidly increasing costs has become a growing pressure for most growing businesses, especially as regulations and market demands are expected to drive energy prices higher while consumption continues to increase. Energy costs will rise, not only as a result of new and more expensive energy sources, but as a result of world population increase and production increase in general.

We approach energy efficiency improvement from a low or no-capital investment perspective. We identify and prioritize the energy reduction points and opportunities together in with our clients. After which tailored sustainability strategies and energy concepts are developed to reach the required short-term and long-term goals.

As a result of our profound experience, we deliver creative energy and environmental solutions to match the investment capacities of our clients. With deep knowledge in energy metering and data management, we assist our customer from the conception of the metering design to post-installation support and reporting.

We develop and execute roadmaps to drive continuous improvement in energy performance, reduction in carbon emissions and long-term cost reductions. With great understanding for buildings and energy, we support in construction management for energy and technology, offering comprehensive well-informed solutions and professional support to help our customers to improve the energy efficiency in their facilities.

We offer services such as:

●  Sustainable design – for new constructions or existing buildings.

●  Lighting energy reduction – through alternative lighting solutions or outsourcing.

●  Energy consumption measurement, controlling and management.

●  Energy procurement – procurement strategy development or assistance with energy purchasing agreements.

●  Energy audits – reveal unnecessary or rather wasted energy consumption and offer saving solutions.

●  Energy contracting – offer an energy saving solution through energy contracting service providers.