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Energy Contracting

Energy Contracting

Energy costs make up about 25 % of the life cycle costs of real estate properties (buildings). The right energy strategy therefore significantly reduces the life cycle cost of such properties. Considering the constantly rising energy costs, Energy Contracting is a great solution.

Power Generation - Engineering

Energy Contracting is one way to become efficient in energy usage by outsourcing the energy needs to a contractor. In contracting, useful energies (steam, heat, cooling, compressed air, light, etc.) are supplied contractor. The said contractor has to finance, set up, operate and maintain the infrastructure (cooling machine, lamps, etc.) for his supply. The contracting receiver or user consents to paying fixed (investment and installation) and variable (consumption) price components for a period agreed upon – mostly 10 years and above.

Contracting is a very good opportunity for business owners to realize the capital-intensive renewing of technical installations through the investment of another (Contractor). The other types of contracting are ‘Performance Contracting’, ‘Financing Contracting’ and ‘Operation Management Contracting’.

Duke Benjamin Consulting is an independent firm that focuses on energy and cost efficiency of its clients. We help our clients concentrate on their main business focus, leaving the energy matters to us. We discuss and negotiate with ‘contractors’ after carrying out an energy analysis for our clients, making sure our clients receive the best services from contractors. With our deep experience from the German energy contracting market – our clients get the best deals for ‘workspace lighting’, ‘required room temperature’ and other useful energy units.

The tremendous pressure on energy user (real estate, businesses, industries, private homes, etc.) to invest in the increasingly more efficient technologies or in more sustainable production methods leaves the user in a dilemma. Especially the operational guarantee for the new efficient technologies is a variable cost which non-contractors have no much knowledge or experience about.

With our experience of over 30 negotiated and implemented contracting projects, ranging to about 13 Megawatts of power plants, Duke Benjamin Consulting helps its clients to make their real estate ready for the future by:

●  Advising on technical and financing concepts

●  Providing a technical and economic contracting-plan

●  Negotiating the contract with contractors (exit condition and pricing)

●  Supervising the plant construction

Our clients enjoy the following benefits of contracting:

●  Alternative use of capital for other businesses

●  One contact person for operation and maintenance, after the plant is set up with our consultation

●  Transfer of energy risk liability

●  Reduction of supply risk and operational risk of plant

●  Low and guaranteed operating costs

●  Increase in real estate value

Energy Contracting
Energy Contracting

Our services are useful to for:

●  Industrial and production sites

●  Administrative and residential buildings

●  Hospitals and care facilities

●  Schools and Universities

●  Municipal offices

●  Hotels and Clubs

●  Thermal baths

●  Etc …