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Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Energy auditing according to the European standard Din EN 16247-1 is what Duke Benjamin Consulting offers to its clients. Our consultants acquired the necessary qualification and certification for the Energy Audit from the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Energy Audit

With the DIN EN 16247-1 energy auditing standard, our clients can get a worldwide energy Certification or Audit of the highest known standard.

The I DIN EN 16247-1 standard outlines the workflows and responsibilities to be met in an energy audit which comprise of:

●  Introductory contact – definition of requirements, application areas, system boundary and expectations towards the energy audit

●  Kick-off meeting – to inform all participant involved in the energy matters, especially data collection

●  Data collection or metering on all energy-related processes within the company

●  Appointment of validation of the energy consumers with a company-intern guide with access to all energy relevant rooms

●  Detailed analysis of the collected data with respect to plausibility and benchmark with other companies

●  Final Report with presentation and recommendations

With our certified energy auditors, we help you to meet your legal commitments, while identifying the hidden potentials for your energy consumption reduction which are the fundamentals for your energy costs reduction.  A reduction of energy costs of about 15% can easily be reached by applying the recommendations from the energy audit.